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The team

Jane AndrewsJane Andrews  has a breadth of experience covering 28 years, including 14 years working in the Local Authority work, specialising in communicating with young people, Section 47 Enquiries, Child Protection work and complex parenting assessments.  Jane also has expertise in Youth Justice, early years, group care, play work, training and social care management, including managing family centers and contact services.

Jane has been working as an Independent Social Worker and Children's Guardian for 11 years and felt to be an expert in PAMs assessments, (Parenting Assessment Manuel Dr Sue McGaw), completing over 20 PAMs assessment each year.  Jane currently heads up the assessment service, where she is supported by a team of social workers and family support workers.

Jane is a member of BASW, NAGLRO and a member of the National Council for Britain in Europe. 

In 1995 Jane was voted "Working Woman of the Year" for her commitment to her work, family and community.

  Donna Ward has over 20 years Child Care experience. She has 5 years experience of working with very challenging adolescents in both open and secure residential settings. Donna knows fostering "from the inside" as she was a foster carer for difficult to place young people for 4 years. As a Local Authority Social Worker she has also produced Form E's (now Child Permanence Reports) and Form F's and is familiar with the DOH Framework for Assessment. Donna has also worked in the voluntary sector for a youth advisory and counselling service and a homeless charity. She has experience of training, practice teaching, child protection, substance misuse, play work, Youth Justice and Mental Health. Donna worked for seven years in a Family Support team conducting complex assessments, case holding Child Protection cases and working in the Family Court arena. She has been an Independent Social Worker and Children's Guardian since 2004.

Donna is a licenced PAMs Trainer on behalf of Dr Sue McGaw.

Donna has a special interest in adolescents and the management of psychological trauma.

Both have extensive Child Protection experience and have given evidence in complex Family Proceedings.